Hi, my name is Shannon O’Brien and I look forward to partnering with you to advance the wealth, strength and vitality of the State of Montana and District 46, as your future senator.

We all want a vibrant, sustainable environment. Less waste. Locally sourced foods. And responsible use of our natural resources.

We all want to live in safe, affordable housing.

We all want access to high-quality healthcare when we need it.

We all want to feel confident that our tax dollars are being used responsibly and for the greatest good.

We all want, and deserve, these same things.

As we navigate our current realities spanning the environment, housing, healthcare, taxes and government effectiveness, the common denominator – that can vastly improve all of these in a profound way – is education. If WE want to ensure maximum results for our great state in these areas, together, let’s begin providing our youngest citizens with early education.

Do you know that for every $1 invested in quality early childhood education, we save a minimum of $7 down the road, because these young citizens become healthier, law-abiding, productive citizens?

Do you know if just one year’s high school dropouts could be converted to high school graduates, Montana households would have an additional $800M in accumulated wealth over the lifetime of the students’ graduation class?

Do you know that Montana is one of only eight states that does not invest in public Pre-K. Yet we’re burdened with the costly issues that result from the compounding impact of denying public early childhood development (including unfilled jobs because we lack skilled workers, teen pregnancy that often perpetuate through generations, increased violent crimes and related incarceration costs, etc.). None of these precious children desire these outcomes and we have the opportunity to set them up for true success.

I’ve spent the last 25 years learning, researching, teaching and leading change in the education and policy arenas. I’ve witnessed the power that wholly educated children can have on the stability and spirit of a community and state.

It’s for THESE reasons I want to represent District 46 in the senate and help ensure that OUR community and state can reach its full potential. I look forward to partnering with each of you to make THIS Montana’s reality.

Let’s do this!